A  little about us 

The start of ArabiKids 

It all started with a conversation in the park. We're two two Arab-American moms who were unhappy with the quality of Arabic children's books available to our kids in the US.

Growing up, their shelves were filled with all sorts of wonderful English books that we read to them tirelessly! But, what about the Arabic ones? This was more tricky.  Characters were boring, words complicated;  illustrations unappealing and stories did not relate to them.  Getting them excited about Arabic was not easy.

Tired of "far-far, the mouse" and "battout, the duck", we knew our kids deserved better!

We thought other parents might share the same pain.  So we decided to curate Arabic children's books and resources and send them to you to help your family stay connected with Arabic at home.

We're friends, an engineer from MIT and a media producer. Together, we share the love of Arabic language and culture. We hope that someday your kids (and our kids) will too...