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Kids Arabic Box

Curated Arabic children's books and goodies delivered to your door!


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What is ArabiKids?

Arabikids is a monthly subscription that sends families a box of culturally relevant, curated Arabic kids’ books and little surprises to help them stay connected to Arabic language and culture at home. 

How do I subscribe to ArabiKids? 

On our subscribe page, select the box appropriate to your child's age. Subscribe to start receiving your box each month. It's very simple!  

Will I have to renew my subscription each month? 

Your subscription will renew automatically on the 11th of each month until you decide to leave us.  You can cancel at anytime. 

Can I skip a month or cancel? 

Sure you can!  Once you're logged in to your account, you will have the option to skip a renewal or cancel your subscription. You can also contact us and we will take care of it!

What age is most appropriate for ArabiKids?

We offer two box options.  Little Kids Box is for ages 3 years & older. Big Kids Box for ages 6 years & older

What if I have kids of different age groups? 

We offer a 20% sibling discount + free shipping on second package for families interested in both Little Kids Box and Big Kids Box subscriptions.  Contact us for more info and to apply your discount code - 

What's inside the box?

One age-appropriate, original Arabic book + fun goodies related to the book (a bookmark, booklet, activity sheet, or other small surprise).  

How do you select your books?

We spend many hours researching and contacting publishers and writers of good quality Arabic content from around the world.  We're also parents ourselves and know what works and doesn't work with our children. We chose books that have simple Arabic text, fun stories and illustrations, and are culturally relevant to kids living outside the Arab world. If we wouldn't read it to our own kids, we won't send it to you!

When will my box ship? 

We ship boxes on the 4th of each month following your subscription or auto-renewal date.  

Can I gift someone a one-time box or a subscription? 

Yes. You can do both.  To gift a one-time box: after you fill in the info on the checkout page, select 'This is a gift' and enter your gift recipient's name and email address and we will send them their box.  The subscription will not renew automatically.   To gift a monthly subscription: after you fill in  the info at checkout, select 'This is a gift' and enter your recipient's name and email address, then select the 'automatically renew this subscription' option to renew their subscription each month.  You can cancel it anytime. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

Sorry we don't at the moment.  If we send you a book that you own, please consider gifting it to a friend or donating it.  

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