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Kids Arabic Box

Curated Arabic children's books and goodies delivered to your door every month! 


1. Subscribe

Subscribe in just a few steps and start receiving ArabiKids box.

2. Your box arrives 

Your child's box is delivered right to your doorstep each month. 

3. Connect and enjoy 

Sit back and have fun connecting in Arabic with your kids! 

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What is ArabiKids?

It's a monthly subscription that sends you a box of carefully picked, engaging Arabic material for kids!

What's inside the box?

Typically, one age-appropriate, original Arabic book + goodies (bookmark, booklet, activity sheet or other small surprise).  Sometimes, the book will be an English book about Arabic culture, a translation, or a bilingual book.  No matter what the format is, it's good quality

What age is most appropriate for ArabiKids?

We offer two box options.  Little Kids Box is for ages 3 years & older. Big Kids Box for ages 6 years & older

How do you select your books?

We spend a lot of time doing research and contacting publishers and writers of good quality Arabic content.  We're also parents ourselves and know what works and doesn't work with our children. They are our toughest critics!

How do I subscribe to ArabiKids? 

On our subscribe page, choose the box appropriate to your kid's age and subscribe to start receiving one box a month.  It's very simple! 

When will my box ship? 

We ship all our boxes on the 4th of each month following your subscription or auto-renewal date. For example, if you subscribe on January 10th, your box will ship on February 4th.   

Will I have to renew my subscription each month? 

No. Your subscription will renew automatically each month  

Can I skip a month? 

Sure you can.  Once you're logged in, you will have the option to skip a renewal. Or you can contact us before your next subscription renews and we will take care of it. 

Can I cancel my subscription? 

Yes.  Send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. -- You must cancel before your subscription renews, if you don't want to receive your next box. All subscriptions auto-renew on the 11th of the month following your subscription date. For example, if you sign-up on January 5 or January 20, your auto-renewal date will be February 11. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions 

 Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

Sorry we don't at the moment. If we send you a book that you own, please consider gifting to a friend or donating it 

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